600 Central Ave

Dunkirk, NY 14048

mission statement

By embracing all forms of art and collaborative ventures, the Adams seeks to promote the development of artists and their supporters to allow for the making of dynamically important works, to nurture and present exciting new art of the highest quality in all media, visual and performing arts, architectural design, photography, sculpture, dance, film, theater, painting, music and new digital platforms, while also creating a center of activity that will be a catalyst for community revitalization.

If common art galleries are insular institutions, the Adams strives instead to be a dynamic public space to allow people to participate in the arts, and is committed to ensuring everyone will have Access To the Arts in all phases of production. We will be a collaborative place of making, not just showing art.


We recognize and support the opportunities of the creative economy at the Adams and we believe that advancement of the arts, tourism, community participation, and regional economic redevelopment are intertwined and inextricably linked: The Arts with the support and Participation of the People of it’s hometown foster and galvanize community identity.  

board of directors

William Haskas - President
Matei Denes - Treasurer/Executive Director
Cathy DeLand - Secretary

Alex Guzman
Alberto Rey

Michael Civiletto

Rich Alexander

Access to the Arts Inc is a New York State Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.




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