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The Adams Center for Collaborative Arts is new creative hub in Western New York that aims to regenerate the area’s cultural landscape.  Housed in a 1906 church, The Adams offers the freedom and the space for the production of innovative works that can create a dialogue with the community.

Our mission is threefold:

  • Create connections between art and the community it serves through open processes, collaborations, and educational programming.

  • Bring together local, national, and international artists, designers, and performers for collaborative artworks, installations, and workshops.

  • Challenge the day to day with the inventive and the visionary by promoting art and creativity in all aspects of life

The Adams has opened it’s doors this summer after sitting empty for the past 8 years with an event and installation that examines the building’s past and celebrates its future. This will launch a new series of programming that will continue into the fall.  Concurrently with this we will be fundraising and continuing to make immediate repairs necessary to the building. 

Dunkirk Regional Map

This is part of a five year plan to rebuild, restructure, and reimagine the Adams. To achieve this goal the Adams must move forward with all 3 facets at the same time.  Right now we are focusing these aspects:

Rebuild:  Repair the roof, remediate mold damage, and restart the utilities.


Restructure: Establish a new board made up of committed, experienced people.  Create connections with local and national institutions.


Reimagine:  Engage with the community to develop a dialogue that allows everyone to have a voice into how to activate the space. Put out

open calls for artists to respond to the community’s  ideas through projects, installations, and workshops. 


To achieve these goals we have started a fundraising campaign that will leverage private donations with matching grants, where each dollar donated could mean an additional 4 times that much in funding.  We have multiple levels of support and welcome all who can help.

Five Year Plan

For additional information sign up for our newsletter below or email us at

And you can download our 2 page info sheet by clicking on this link.

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